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The Haunted Barn is WV premier haunted attraction located on Charleston, WV historic east end. The Haunted Barn is a muilti level haunted attraction with three haunted houses on location. Each Haunted Barn attraction is designed to attack all your senses while making your way through tight coradors. What sets the Haunted Barn apart from other haunted attractions is that we allow our staff of a hundred or plus to make limited physical contact with our customers. The Haunted Barn started twelve years ago in Winfield, WV and was only for family friends. The Haunted Barn opened to the public in 2004 with small crouds and a 3000 sq foot haunted house. Over the years our popularity grew along with the crouds that were now reaching 10,000 customers a season. 2011 was the final season for the Haunted Barn in Winfield. We relocated to our current location in July of 2012. Over the past three years the Haunted Barn has become more than just a haunted house. Hosting conventions, parties, weddings, dances and seasonal haunted houses. We have also presented large events such as Zombiefest, WV.

426 Beauregard Street
Charleston, West Virginia, 25311

Contact Phone : 304-389-1203
Email :

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Haunted Barn
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MAJOR Suckage
Posted 08/22/2016
Jumped the Shark
This place was great in Winfield and the up until last year. Then, it just sucked major ass. Must be the new ownership and lack of skill,management, and ability. Sad actually. They had a good thing going.
Posted 07/12/2016
God Awful
This was the worst excuse for a haunted house that I have ever seen. Unsafe, unprofessional and unscary. Dont waste your time or money
Posted 06/02/2016
This haunted house sucked so bad, and now it sucks even worse as the Dead Zone. Now, they are ripping off the public by charging them to run little kids rc cars over pallets. Sad, sad, sad. Please quit trying to milk and fool the public and close this dump for good. They do have transgender bathrooms, though.
Posted 05/17/2016
Closed for Good
I heard this place finally realized how bad it sucks and closed the doors for good. Time to move it back to Winfield and get the original people to run it. The two guys that owned it last year had no clue, and are just in it for the money. I heard it was unsafe and the city kept closing them down too. Good riddance.
Posted 04/11/2016
yeah it was a little bad last year but maybe they had a reason for it, I believe this year is going to be awesome as always! All the haters need to go somewhere, seems like the same person posting over and over again
Posted 03/31/2016
I Want My Money Back
These guys don't issue refunds, so beware. Lots of kids. Energetic, but badly trained. Unsafe environment. Music is way too loud. The short owner guy was very rude to my family. A few of the kids were very nice.
Posted 11/22/2015
I wonder how the woman is that got her head busted open on a pallet in this dump. I heard they don't have insurance.
Posted 11/21/2015
Awful and unsafe
This was so bad. No scares. Overpriced. It was just a big plastic maze. Fumes from chainsaws were sickening. Safety hazards everywhere. It was a joke.
Posted 11/19/2015
Totally Sucked
Worst year ever and worst haunt in the area. The Dead Zone sucks.
Posted 11/15/2015

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