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Zombie Survival Crawl
7775 North Friant Road
Fresno, California, 93720

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ZOMBIE SURVIVAL CRAWL OBSTACLE COURSE RUN (Must be age 12 or older to participate) The Zombie apocalpyse has come to Fresno! Will YOU Survive as a human or join the undead as a Zombie and hunt the living? Come be part of a live Zombie themed experience and lose yourself in a world where Zombies roam and hunt the flesh of Survivors desperately running through an obstacle course filled with remnants of a devastated civilization. Create a Group - Join as Survivors or Zombies and run or hunt as a couple, group, family, team, band, organization, business...Invite your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you know via email, facebook, twitter, etc. Group discount! Register 2 or more people and SAVE $10 per person! Run as an Individual - Lone wolf style! As a Survivor, run for your life alone in a dangerous sea of Zombies, face the obstacles and avoid the walking dead...raise your fist in glory as you cross the finish line! Or as a Zombie, hunt down the living fearlessly for you are the monster that haunts their nightmares, strip off a flag from each of them, and enjoy a hearty feast! Survivors - Run, walk, jump, climb, and crawl through the obstacle course into the gates of Sanctuary, a safe-zone where no Zombie may tread, with at least one flag to be considered a Survivor! Start the race with a flag belt and three flags which represent your life...but look like juicy strips of flesh to the Zombies! Avoid their clawing hands all the way to the finish line! Zombies - Shamble, shuffle, stalk, and crawl through the obstacle course searching for more BRAINS! Grab only one flag from each runner if you can, rip those juicy strips of flesh from them and grub down! But these are not just walking burgers, they are fleet of foot and determined individuals struggling to survive, but your feast shall be plentiful as they are many and the dead never tire.
ZOMBIE LASER TAG SHOOTING GALLERY (Must be age 9 or older to participate) Survivors - You will join a group of up to three Marksman to form a Tactical Unit. Each of you will be given laser tag assault weapons to defend your post from the oncoming Zombie horde! Aim at the control devices implanted in their bodies which light up when hit, it takes several shots to take down the walking dead, but you must stop them before they break the caution line and infect the entire festival with their undead virus! Put the lame-brains down...and the mysterious presence controlling them! Zombies - You will join a horde of Zombies compelled by a mysterious presence to shamble forth and spread your undead scourge into a large festival full of juicy flesh waiting to be devoured! Your only thoughts...move forward...infect everyone...EAT MORE BRAINS! Each of you will be implanted with control devices which light up when hit...after several hits you are dead...again! But if even one of you makes it across the caution line its game over for the humans!
HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL (All ages) Full of creepy fun, there is something here for everyone! The Horror Exhibit offers some surprising frights...and watch out for the roaming of the Plague Doctors! A Bounce House for children under 9, food, arts & crafts, entertainment, and more! We have delved into our imaginations to produce an immersive experience which will challenge the senses!
Registration and Ticket Prices: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE RUN - Survivor Individual Registration $25 per person - Survivors Group Registration $20 per person - Zombie Individual Registration $25 per person - Zombies Individual Registration $20 per person - Zombie Transformation (we do your makeup) $10 per person LASER TAG ZOMBIE HUNT - Marksman Individual $10 per person HORROR EXHIBIT - General Admission $5 per person
VENDORS WANTED! We have vendor space available for food and any Halloween, spooky, or dark goth themed vendors i.e. face painting, pumpkin patch, jewelry, apparel, accessories, artists, writers, crafts, entertainment...for more info contact us at Registration and tickets available online at A portion of all proceeds benefits Smile Train, an organization helping children around the world with cleft lip surgery.


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