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EVERY YEAR WHEN THE AIR TURNS COOL, YOU KNOW THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU! The only professional haunt in Kansas, Field of Screams is also the largest and most diverse. Walk the grounds of the Spurlock family and try to survive the terrifying Clown Town 3D! NEW FOR 2017, not one, BUT TWO ESCAPE SHACKS! A SECOND ESCAPE SHACK HAS BEEN ADDED. DONT MISS THESE EXHILARATING CUTTING EDGE ATTRACTIONS!

Website :
4055 North Tyler Road
Maize, Kansas, 67101

Contact Phone : 316-303-2037
Email :

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On your journey through the sickest fields in Kansas, you will walk the grounds of the Spurlock family and see first-hand where the infamous vigilante murders took place. Your trip will take you through towering sorghum fields, unruly forests, dark twisting trenches, terrifying tunnels, and the horrifying Spurlock workshop where the most unspeakable acts were carried out. If you survive Jebediahs Field, you will immediately enter an even darker side of the Spurlock lands, Clown Town 3D. You will experience the terrors of the mysterious, ghastly clowns, the mind-blowing chaotic mazes, and the dizzying 3D effects. The sheer lunacy of it all will leave you as insane as Uncle Horace! Gather your wits about you before you enter because no one can predict what will happen!!! After 25 30 minutes of intense terror, you will be exhausted and relieved to make it out alive (if you are one of the lucky ones)! Field of Screams is by far the most amazing and diverse haunted location around so Beware of Where the Fields are Sick!

Field of Screams Kansas
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9.6 Skulls
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Commercialization and not original
Crowded,waited forever then shuffled thru,predicable and what a stupid story..spur locks For so much money should have some imagination.I guess it's ok for teens they just follow their friends.
Posted 10/26/2016
The Only Professional Haunted House in Wichita Kansas
I have been going to The Field of Screams for 10 years, over those ten years many other haunted attractions have attempted to compete and even copy some of their ideas. Unfortunately, they were not able to do so. Not only are their staff (actors) are very well mannered, they are always 100% into their scene or scare. Also, the operators are very concerned with their patrons overall experience. I love the fact that they have ACTUAL POLICE to keep everyone safe!
Posted 09/18/2016
Made me piss my pants
Made me piss my pants Fun place to go for a Halloween
Posted 09/03/2016
Best in Kansas
Honestly, hands down the best in Kansas. The Field of Screams has been in Wichita for over ten years and still going strong. More and more people come every single year and from all over the nation! Need to experience to believe it! Always our first stop!!
Posted 09/02/2016
Love this haunted house! Def the scariest I've ever been to. The lines can get kind of long, but the scares are worth it. Plus just the setting itself, actually out in fields, adds a lot.
Posted 09/02/2016
Best haunted attraction in Kansas
I have been going there for years and every year it gets bigger and better. I really like the Zombie hunt too it was a blast. Cant wait to go this year.
Posted 09/02/2016
Every time i enter the fieldnof screams its always a new and better feeling. The field of screams is by far the greatest attraction i've ever been too. 10/10
Posted 09/02/2016
Best haunted attraction in Kansas!
This isn't your typical haunted house. There are so many different experiences, from walking through a pitch black field with stalks of sorghum almost 10ft high, all the way to a neon, 3D Clown town that will literally blow you away with the special effects. Seriously every year I am impressed with the Field of Screams. I love to see the different things they add each year! I can't wait to see what's in store for this year!!
Posted 09/02/2016
Full of Energy, a great time every year
Easily one of the best haunts in the Wichita area. The actors are completely committed and the atmosphere is so much fun from the hay ride out to the maize to the queuing area. It just feels like a big party. Even waiting in line is fun especially if you have a group there are actors that run through the lines stirring up scares. Every year the maize brings new things so its different every time it feels like the owners and actors really put passion into this. That's something you don't see in other haunts in this area. Hands down the best.
Posted 08/06/2016
Excited for the Fall! The Field is a Kansas tradition and I can't wait until this years Field. It's epic! Only advice is to not go on busy Saturday's unless you get a time slot ticket
Posted 08/06/2016

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