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THE BOO - SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest
13650 Harder Road
Three Rivers, Michigan, 49093

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Legend has it that many people who came to this area after the outbreak of Malarial fevers in the 1830’s died. Oftentimes, there were too few healthy settlers to care for the sick or bury the dead. One of the worst years was 1837, when as one local old timer stated, “the bodies were everywhere”. This man who experienced thirty-two “shakes” in as many days, helped bury fourteen of his neighbors. An expansion of the old Cemetery was required. This new location was past the old Roberts Farm, around the area that is now site to THE BOO - SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest. All was as it should be until the big flood of 1929. The area was completely submerged. After the waters receded the cemetery was washed away.The people did the best they could to recover the bodies but were unable to collect them all. The markers had all been destroyed and none were certain as to their proper location. It was determined that the cemetery would be relocated once more. All that remains of the original cemetery is Morrison cemetery, located next to SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest’s location. For many years after, the farmers in the area would discover remains. This was unknown to us when we started this event. When the idea came to the club in 2004, we started out wanting to make a fun Haunted Trail. By the end of the first night we had learned different. Reports began trickling in from our guests; they began to describe events and scenes that were not part of what we had arranged. Because of this, we researched into the history of this land and discovered the actual horrid events behind our fantasy. We had no idea that we were walking on the very area that Morrison cemetery rested upon so many years ago. It is apparent we have crossed into an area that we never intended to.
We tried to cancel our event for the 2008 season, but due to public outcry, we decided to re-open. Again, citing strange and odd occurrences on the property, we closed down for 2012 and 2013 seasons, but again, the public wouldn’t allow it, so we are back for 2014. We are hoping this decision will not further annoy whatever we had set into motion when we started this event. We have already experienced "happenings" in the forest in preparing for this years' event. Maybe 2014 is a new start… hopefully we didn’t make a mistake…. Now …. the question is…. are they still out there? Have we made a difference in appeasing the spirits of our woods?

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