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The Haunted Barn has been giving out good times and great scares for well over a decade, and at it's current location in a 20,000 sqft building for the last few years. Capable of handling multiple attractions, has done weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, dances, SciFi/Horror conventions, wrestling events, we have the facility to do more than just a haunted house. Has also pulled off ZombiefestWV in 2014 an outdoor convention/concert/and festival. Now under new management will continue all the great times and seek to get bigger and better for you in the years to come. Come to our events or come and join our family and share a passion we all have inside but are afraid to admit!

Website :
426Beauregard Street
Charleston, West Virginia, 25301

Contact Phone : 3049823003
Email :

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The Haunted Barn
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Scare Factor
6.4 Skulls
6.4 Skulls
6.4 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming
6.4 Skulls
Special FX
6.4 Skulls
our guest rated this attraction
mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.

Listen Up!
In accordance to the barn's grand dick tator, sugar skulls are not scary. From this point forward, there shall be one sugar skull per every 10 clowns at the barn to maintain our non-scary status. This roughly requires us to have 50 sugar skulls per show. Freddy must have at least 10 with him during his Frozen dance routine. That is all. Now get out there and make me some more money, servants!!!
Posted 06/25/2015
Hi jealous dumbass! Nice to meet you. I wouldn't try to "work" here...they only use "volunteers" and then pocket all of the money. They do need some talent at the barn though...all of theirs left. With your lack of talent, you will fit right in with new management. If you can plagerize, embezzle, pour jello molds, and carry pallets they will definitely put you to "work"! If you are an underage teen you will definitely get store bought Freddy's vote for a job! You the man, jealous dumbass!
Posted 06/22/2015
I'm so jealous!
You all are so talented! I'm begging you to teach me how you steal logos off of google! That takes so much talent! If I'm nice, will you show me how to order masks online and how to pour jello on people? Please!!! You guys are A-MAZE-ING!
Posted 06/22/2015
The Haunted Barn WILL reopen this FAll!!!
And with a business license and everything. You can claim they embezzle, but you can't prove it, Because it's not true. Also, you can't do quality make-up. Only 1 person in this area can come close to the quality of "store bought Freddy's" mask, and you're not him. By the way, sugar skulls' aren't scary.
Posted 06/22/2015
Sugar Skulls Suck!
They don't hold a candle to jello spooge masks and Disney characters! Now that's quality make up! Maybe store bought Freddy can teach a make up class...for 14 year olds and under. That's his target group.
Posted 06/22/2015
I'm as excited as a pallet on beuregard street!
The barn is gonna reopen in the fall! ( even though they say they are not closed.) And with a business license ( which they said they would have by now). And, it will be embezzlement free! I guess they are gonna pay their actors now and not pocket all the profit....psych!!!LMFAO!!
Posted 06/22/2015
You're So Right!!
Oh ma gerd!!!! I guess store-bought Freddy's right. Sugar skulls aren't scary. Only Barbie dolls screwed to pallets are!!! LMAO!!! If you want to see the NEW talent, go to HBFX and see for yourselves!!! Not only can you see things that make you say WTF, but they can't even make their own logo!! SMH. No talent. No license. No nothing.
Posted 06/22/2015
Please tell us!!
Nobody cums close to store-bought Freddy's mask!! They cum on it! Face it assholes. You're washed up. Oh yeah, did you clear it with the other two owners about selling things? Hmmmmm. Did you split the money with the other two owners? Hmmmmm. That shit's called embezzlement! Of course nobody ever accused the "new" management being too bright.
Posted 06/22/2015
The barn is gonna "re" open! I just took a "Do Do" I'm so excited!!!
Posted 06/22/2015
I can't wait to see the "new" talent this year!!! Custom bukakke masks made from the finest gelatins! Dripped from dizzying heights!! Makes me moist just thinking about!!
Posted 06/22/2015

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