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13 Levels of Fear Ghost Lake is the longest and scariest haunted attraction in America and takes nearly two hours to make it through all 13 levels.

Website :
12382 Center Street
Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, 16316

Contact Phone : 330-799-3111
Email :

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PA Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: 13 horrifying levels of fear including one of the oldest roller coasters that can only be ridden in the pitch DARK! It takes 2 full hours to compete all 13 levels!! We are the biggest, longest, and by far the scariest haunt in Pennsylvania. Come check out "Haunted Conneaut," a haunted amusement park on the lake! We DARE you!!!


PA Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS: 8 Levels of Fear Ghost Lake is the longest and scariest haunted attraction in America and takes nearly two hours to make it through all 13 levels.


Sept. 21-November 2

7pm to Midnight, Sun. 7pm to 11pm

Ghost Lake, 13 Levels of Fear
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PA Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS: 8 Levels of Fear Ghost Lake is the longest and scariest haunted attraction in America and takes nearly two hours to make it through all 13 levels.

We waited in line for two hours then went through One disappointing house after another! The workers were complaining, standing around and not even trying to be scart! We were VERY disappointed!!!!
Posted 10/16/2016
No one was haunting
I was so disappointed!!!! Yesterday was a absolute unbelievable experience. The chainsaw workers hit you very hard with the saw part. And my daughter and I have bruses on our legs. Also there was no one scaring inside most of the contractions. They we're having social hour at the exits. Or talking and hugging each other inside. One conversation we heard was he was loosing his high he needed more. I will make sure everyone knows that this place is not a safe or good place to take your family. I tried posting on there sight and they deleted me four times. Some resolution I want a apology !!!
Posted 10/16/2016
It was great
I thought it was amazing the hanted houses were great they were a bit far apart but it was still worth the walk. They were pretty scary i thought the one in the hotel was the scarist of them all. I will asure you that the hotel is actually was a beautiful place worth looking at. I stayed thare for one night and stuff happened. I would sugest puting more workers thoughout the walking distance. And the lines are long i would suggest paying the exta $5 to get the fast pass. I would like to come back next year.
Posted 10/08/2016
Don't know that the actual haunts are the best but the whole experience of being in an amusement park that sits beside a lake after dark on a crisp October night is enough for me to be creeped out and totally feels like Halloween! Leaves blowing around you as you make your way through the park at night to the different haunts is a stimulating experience. The Hotel Conneaut is old and even smells creepy and is reportedly haunted in itself. The lines for the haunts are really long but it doesn't seem to deter anyone. If you love Halloween like I will love this experience!
Posted 09/30/2016
Good Park
This is one of the best haunted parks out there trust me itnis better than we thought it was.
Posted 09/08/2016
It's fun as hell
Anyone who gets Ghost Lake goes back again and again. People who don't care for it should try a haunted hayride or Disneyland.
Posted 09/02/2016
So fun
I had so much fun at 13 levels of fear! The people who work there are so nice! It's the most fun I've had in a long time! I highly suggest going with your family
Posted 11/01/2015
Read price online $25 for 2, got there $25 a piece!! $3 to park!
Didn't ever make it through any haunts! Because I was lied to online! Brought $50. Expecting to pay $35 with coupons off & was told $69 bucks for 3 people! Wtf!
Posted 10/31/2015
Sexual touching
This is something that haunts me. The truth is I've been raped. And that was awful :"(.
Posted 10/31/2015
It was shit
There were people touching me in inappropriate places no dissclaimers. Long wait. And my family was verry disappointed in the scares.
Posted 10/30/2015

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