What is the Scariest Haunted House in Maryland?
Bennett'ts Curse - Jessup, Maryland
Creepywoods - Kingsville, Maryland
Nightmare Manor - Ijamsville, Maryland
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Haunted House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
MD Haunted House in Jessup, Maryland at Blobs Park
MD Haunted Scream Park in Kingsville, Maryland
Haunted House in Mountville, PA. Near Reading, Philadelphia, Wilmingto ...
Maryland's Premier Haunted Attraction Located in Aberdeen Maryland
Haunted House in Philadelphia, PA at the Eastern State Penitentiary
Nightmare Manor - located in Urbana, MD
Laurels House of Horror: Maryland's newest great haunted house attract ...
Haunted House in Dickerson MD near DC
Twisted Fields of Terror in Prince Frederick, MD near DC
Haunted House in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Driving distance from Lan ...
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Bennett's Curse Haunted Attraction in Jessup, Maryland - 38987 Views
<br> The Legendary Bennett’s Curse in Jessup, Maryland boasts three terrifying haunted houses all under one roof. As seen on the Travel Channel Shows "America's Scariest Halloween Attractions" and "Making Monsters"! Bennett's Curse has been voted as one of America's Best Haunts and is one of the Top 25 "MUST SEE" Haunted Houses in the country. <br><br> All New Shows for 2014 to include the Medieval Underworld, Inferno in 3D & newly renovated Sanctuary of Insanity!

Click here for details -   Reviews - 5 Youtube Videos - 80 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.9 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 10 Skulls
Originality: 9.8 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.9 Skulls
Special FX: 9.8 Skulls
49.32 out of 50 Skull Rating
Creepywoods Haunted Forest in Kingsville, Maryland - 21917 Views
Creepywoods Haunted Forest in Kingsville, Maryland, has established itself as the top rated Haunted Trail in the region. In 2011, Creepywoods Haunted Forest was selected by the Weather Channel and was featured in their show “Top 10 Hallow Screams”. Visit Creepywoods in 2012 and watch the Travel Channel Show "Making Monsters" to see how they made the NEW Giant 25 ft tall creature for the attraction!

Click here for details -   Reviews - 0 Youtube Videos - 39 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.8 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 10 Skulls
Originality: 9.8 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.9 Skulls
Special FX: 9.8 Skulls
49.25 out of 50 Skull Rating
Legends of the Fog in Aberdeen, Maryland - 15926 Views
Legends of the Fog is Maryland's most EXTREME Scream Park! Featuring two intense haunted houses and Maryland's BEST HAUNTED HAYRIDE! Legends of the Fog is an experience you will NEVER forget. Your journey will begin at the Sinister Circus, a twist on the early American sideshow. Next climb aboard the haunted hayride and travel through the small town infested by a strange, toxic fog. Finally, abandon all hope as you take refuge in Carsins Manor, an Orphanage for lost souls. Go to for more details.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 4 Youtube Videos - 6 Photos
Scare Factor: 8.2 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 7.6 Skulls
Originality: 7.4 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 7.4 Skulls
Special FX: 7.5 Skulls
38.03 out of 50 Skull Rating
Nightmare Manor in Ijamsville, Maryland - 12690 Views
Nightmare Manor is an intense haunted attraction featuring detailed scenes and cutting edge special effects. The adventure leads you around the property and throughout the 200-year-old manor. Amidst the strange architecture lurks the ghosts of a tragic fire that consumed parts of the manor long ago.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 0 Youtube Videos - 3 Photos
Scare Factor: 7.6 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 8.6 Skulls
Originality: 8.6 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 8.7 Skulls
Special FX: 8.7 Skulls
42.15 out of 50 Skull Rating
Laurels House Of Horror in Laurel, Maryland - 3785 Views
Located in central Maryland Laurels House of Horror is Maryland's newest and scariest haunted attraction. Over 25,000sq feet of pure terror.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 1 Youtube Videos - 3 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.2 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9 Skulls
Originality: 9 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9 Skulls
Special FX: 8.5 Skulls
44.73 out of 50 Skull Rating
The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania - 81430 Views
Located in Philadelphia, PA Bates Motel is a massive haunted atarction you won't want to miss! Walk through ghost towns and graveyards. Ride the scariest haunted hayride in the country loaded with huge sets, props and FIRE! Click this profile for more information, photos, videos, directions and more.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 7 Youtube Videos - 26 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.3 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.1 Skulls
Originality: 9.8 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.2 Skulls
Special FX: 9.6 Skulls
46.96 out of 50 Skull Rating
Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind the Walls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 37297 Views
In Philadelphia, PA Eastern State Penitentiary has been declared haunted by dozens of professional paranormal investigation teams. Click this profile for information, photos, videos, directions and more.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 2 Youtube Videos - 1 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.1 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9 Skulls
Originality: 9.4 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.4 Skulls
Special FX: 9.6 Skulls
46.55 out of 50 Skull Rating
Field of Screams in Mountville, Pennsylvania - 21417 Views
Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.Field of Screams offers a World Class Haunted Hayride, a Terrifying Haunted Den of Darkness Horror Barn, and more. Click this profile for information, directions, photos, videos and more.

Click here for details -   Reviews - 4 Youtube Videos - 4 Photos
Scare Factor: 9.7 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.4 Skulls
Originality: 9.6 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.7 Skulls
Special FX: 9.8 Skulls
48.18 out of 50 Skull Rating

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Maryland has many really scary haunted locations, ghost tours, real haunted houses and much more to explore throughout the state.  Starting with one of the most haunted cities Maryland - Annapolis, MD.  The Annapolis Tavern dates back to the early 1700's owned and operated by a Haratio Middleton.  After his death his son, Samuel took over the Tavern.  Throughout history many famouse historic figures have stayed at the Annapolis Tavern such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamn Franklin just to name a few.    



It is unsure who walks the hall of the tavern, but to this day it is a bar and restaurant.  People who visit the tavern report seeing plates flying across the room and glasses being shattered against the wall.  A restaurant employee has witnessed a man in older historic clothes walking across the restaurant and staring out to the harbor.  He describes it as almost as if he is waiting for a ship to come in.  He also describes it as a very erie site. 




Many people who come to The Annapolis Tavern usually come for the food and drinks and they often get a little more than what they bargained for.  Ghostly figures and unexplained events! 



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