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Gallows Foundry of Fear is Virginia's most terrifying haunted attraction.

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137 Warren st nw
Christiansburg, Virginia, 24073

Contact Phone : 540-998-3327
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We are only 10 minutes from Virginia Tech, and 10 minutes from Radford University! The scenes you are about to see are real and tell a true story - a story of massacre, bludgeon, and atrocity; The Woodson family had called the mountains of Virginia home for years, 13 of them,led by their father Otis and their mother Bernice you couldn't find a family closer to one another - isolating themselves from society - No one knew if they actually existed, only myths passed down of rituals and bloodshed. The occasional hunter not coming home for dinner or the group of girls who wandered too far out into the woods. The locals knew the hills could talk, they just couldn't quite understand what they were saying. As the population of rural Appalachia grew, the Woodson's family's grounds got smaller and smaller, and their secrets closer to being exposed. In 1978, Otis passed, and the family had enough. Evidence from the crime scene tells us that anyone who unknowingly stepped foot on their ground was slaughtered. They used their victims for rituals to bring back family members since passed, for food, and their own pleasure Some victims were made to tie their own noose - all marked the same way a "X" on the forehead. Legends passed on since have named their home Gallows because no one ever made it out alive. September 15, 1979 the Woodson family was lost in the hail of gunfire. Brought down by the full force of the Montgomery County Sheriffs department, and a slew of torn apart families. 17 citizens and 9 sheriffs deputies were shot and killed that day. Only 8 of the 12 remaining family's bodies were found - 4 are said to be missing to this day. For over 30 years things have been peaceful in the hills of Virginia, until now. Using the same rituals taught to them by their father, Persian, Bink, Lucian and Goldie have resurrected their family and brought them back to Gallows - to seek revenge and spill the blood of any foolish person who dare come to close. Can you survive the Gallows? Follow us on Twitter!

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Great time!
Gallows is a lot of fun, they have a great sideshow when you enter, we saw a girl spinning fire, which was really cool. Parking is a bit weird, and the area is dark outside and makes getting around a little hard. The haunt itself is cool, there's a corn maze, and a big haunt with good actors.
Posted 10/03/2017
I went this past October. I tried going earlier in the season, but got turned away because they had sold out for the night. That would be my only complaint, but other than that, it was my favorites in Virginia. The corn maze was a great, and the actors were fantastic. Lots and lots of blood and gore. Compared to some of the other haunted houses in the area, these guys are the best.
Posted 02/04/2016
I have heard for years that this is the scariest place to go and we were so excited to go, first of all it COST $135 for 4 PEOPLE and after going through it I wouldn't have paid $5 FOR IT. Was not scary at all. The worst haunted house I have been too. Either they changed the actors and the management who puts it together or they just don't care anymore. It was so awful. Will never go again. Save your money and your drive out there
Posted 10/31/2015
Extreme Fun
Had a great time at Gallows Dead Oak Hollow. This place was previously in a warehouse but they moved to a farm off the interstate. A lot more space, there's a corn maze and a stage where the sideshow is, where we saw sword swallowing, a guy on a bed of nails, and some other crazy stuff. Had some great Kettle Corn. Inside was intense; chainsaws, drills, butchers, crazy nurses, and lots of blood. LOTS of blood. The content was definitely mature, if you're open minded you'll have a great time. If not, choose another haunt, there are some tamer options in the area. Overall, highly recommend.
Posted 10/27/2015
Waste of time
I went to the Gallows about 2 years ago, & it was great. It scared the shit out of me . When I went this year it was awful . I wasn't scared at all.. The actors were shitty & there wasn't enough of them for how big there new location is . I'm so glad I wasn't the one that paid for it because I would have been angry for wasting $15 on nothing. The corn maze was stupid.. I was expecting it to freak me out, but nope. There was MAYBE 3 actors in it , that's it . Inside the only thing that got me were the air bombs or whatever they are called & only because they caught me off guard . I will not be going back . Ever .
Posted 10/26/2015
I did not enjoy this attraction
The actors were extremely vulgar. They cursed us and were verbally abusive. When they told us we had to put dirty hoods over our faces and we refused, they called us disgusting names and told us to leave. When I complained to the manager, he said that there were warnings about the nature of the haunted house at the entrance. If you enjoy this type of haunted houses, then you will not be disappointed. If you enjoy traditional haunted houses, you will not like this one. I have visited many haunted houses and have never encountered one like this. I will not go back.
Posted 10/25/2015
I give it a zero when they do cuss you get in your face and then call your 14 year old a whore. Wouldn't recommend for kids
Posted 10/18/2015
Waste of time
Complete waste of time and money. No structure or organization at all. No explanation of the ticket number system. Complete jam up. Parking a joke, cost $2 to park... Why? Lack of portajons. Lack of actors as well throughout the whole thing. Actors rather just cuss you out than actually try to scare you. The whole thing is and was a complete joke. Save your money go elsewhere.
Posted 10/17/2015
Every movie I watch isn't scary at all, but this is true horror. I was more scared than my sister was because you're in a abandoned asylum that's haunted so how is that not scary? I only gave this 9 skulls because it was just so hot in there, but don't listen to the first guy because I think it was definitely worth it. Have fun! >:)
Posted 10/11/2015
Not scary as they advertise
Payed for the scary experience it was nothing it was like any haunted house i have been too. And ive been to most in va very disappointed they advertised if you pay all this extra they can tie you up etc like it was so scary it was a joke not worth my time or yours
Posted 09/10/2015

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