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Haunted House in Niagara Falls, Ontario just 25 miles from Buffalo, NY ...
Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY for haunted house costumes, tshirts, fog, dvd ...
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Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, New York - 17098 Views
Rolling Hills Asylum has been named #2 Most Haunted Location in the USA by (Gettysburg is the forerunner) - which makes RHA the #1 most haunted location in NY State and the most haunted facility in the country! As seen on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures & Paranormal Challenge as well as SyFy's Ghost Hunters as well as a special web series for FX's America Horror Story: Asylum, Rolling Hills is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Shadow People, Class "A" Evps' and the infamous "Screaming Lady" are just some of the phenomena experienced. Anyone can make it through a theatrical haunted house... but can you survive a night at a truly haunted asylum with real ghost? Rolling Hills Asylum is located in E, Bethany, NY between Buffalo ^ Rochester. (585)502-4066 OCTOBER NEARLY SOLD OUT - use code FLASH48 for 1/2 off Rolling Hills Asylum tickets on Oct 24, 26, & 27 - these are the ONLY tix Ghost Hunt tix available in October - still have Movie tix - Sunday Oct 23 - CONJURING 2 - Oct 30 - ALL HALLOWS EVE with Zack from 94.1 the Zone - giving away FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH SHINEDOWN TIX don't forget to check out November tix at

Click here for details -   Reviews - 7 Youtube Videos - 17 Photos
Scare Factor: 8.9 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.6 Skulls
Originality: 9.6 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 8.7 Skulls
Special FX: 8.7 Skulls
45.36 out of 50 Skull Rating

The Ottawa Jail Hostel

Located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, the Ottawa Jail Hostel was originally the Carlton County Gaol or the Ottawa Jail (gaol is a British term for jail) - hence the name of the hostel.  The jail remained in operation until 1972 when it was purchased by Hostelling International.  Although the company converted the building into a hostel, they left much of the structure intact and named it the Ottawa Jail Hostel.  As a result, guests are able to experience what a night in the “jail” was like.  In addition, the top floor which served as the jail’s death row has been restored to much of its original condition and the hostel conducts daily tours of it for the guests.  

It’s believed that the hostel is haunted by the ghosts of inmates of the former jail.  Numerous staff members and guests have reported experiencing strange and inexplicable paranormal events including hearing incorporeal voices, slamming doors, and mysterious footsteps.  There have also been several reports of eerie apparitions appearing, especially at the foot of guests’ beds.

Many people believe one of the ghosts haunting the hostel is that of Patrick J. Whelan who was placed on death row and subsequently hanged for crime he may not have even committed (before his death he steadfastly swore his innocence).  Whelan had asked the judge who tried his case if he could be buried back in Montreal in his family’s plot.  Although the judge initially agreed, after Whelan’s death, there were fears that there would be riots if his body was returned to Montreal.  As a result, his body was buried in secret somewhere on the grounds of the jail.  To this day, no one knows exactly where that is and rumor has it, unhappy with this final resting place, Whelan’s ghost haunts and wreaks havoc in the Ottawa Jail Hostel.

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