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Featuring Thrills Chills and rooms service that kills...midnite red meat buffet, Indoor blood pools. Frequent screamer miles accepted, best heart rate in town and where we never leave the light on.....Come,out and get your scare on!!! NEW DAYS AND HOURS THIS YEAR. NEW LOCATION!!!!!NEW LOCATION!!!!

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3400 Brown St.
Little Rock, Arkansas, 72204

Contact Phone : 5018048883
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Thrills, Chills and Room service that kills.. Featuring Midnite red meat buffet, Indoor blood pools, Rooms to die for.... Come stay with us ... Frequent screamer miles accepted, best Heart rate in town and where we NEVER leave the lights on!!!!

The Haunted Hotel of Arkansas
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9 Skulls
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Did not disappoint
I've went to this haunted house for years. It's where the old haunted wearhouse use to be. One thing about this place is its HUGE. It took forever to walk through it everyone hates the guides but really it saves groups from running into each other. Last year it was by far the best year so far. So I had high expections. This year didn't disappoint at all. Only complaint is there was a few points I felt like walking down a hallway where someone should be there wasn't. But other than that. It was awesome. the best room was THE CLOWN ROOM THAT ROOM WAS AMAZING. BEST ROOM BY FAR! The best character last year for me was Freddy. This year it was not. You couldn't exactly tell he was Freddy until you were right there on him. This year I had to favorite characters All of the clowns because they were perfect. And Micheal Myers. Whoever plays him they need to keep around. I took a picture with him and he told me he played Micheal last year to. He popped out at us at least 4 times not including while we waited in line. He was just like the movies and has done his homework I'd go back just to see the clowns and Micheal again. Will for sure be back next year !!!!
Posted 10/20/2017
Plastic walls cheap props the Reaper is way better
Posted 10/13/2017
This Haunted House is amazing. All characters are great. I def suggest this haunted house.
Posted 08/01/2017
Absolutely awesome
Me and my buddies normally take a weekend and drive from Memphis to check out haunted houses. We visited 4 last weekend. The reaper, the tortue chamber fear factory 501 and the haunted hotel based on all the reviews on there Facebook pages and here on haunt world. First of all. We always check out fear factory because I'm from Jacksonville First we checked out the reaper. Good haunted house. If you want a good scare id check this place out. Next was torture chamber. The scare factor was right with the reaper if not better. Still a good haunted house Now the haunted hotel and fear factory was different. I am biased toward fear factory but the haunted hotel was freaking badass both fear factory and the haunted hotel scared the shit out of me. Hands down the best 2 haunted houses I've been to this year so far. The one thing that the haunted hotel had that was extra scary was how real Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers seemed. However played Michael Myers Knows his role. He was the best Myers character I've met especially with how real the mask was. And Freddy hands down was incredible. His voice sounds EXACTLY like Freddy in the movies. They had a badass zombie type room to that was really cool. So if you want a good scare go to the torture chamber or reaper. They will get you. And honestly. If you want a scare that would compete with some of the great houses across the south, fear factory and the haunted hotel will be the place for you to go. Both fear factory and the hotel were incredible And I can't wait to come back next Halloween. Fear factory gets a 10 out of 10. Haunted hotel gets a 10 out of 10. They will scary the shit out of you.
Posted 10/21/2016
As I am the the owner of The Reaper Haunted House I can tell you personally that The Haunted Hotel is a very good and intense haunted house and I did not write that bad review below! I have been to this haunted house and it is insane and I recommend everyone check it out this year!
Posted 09/26/2016
Cant wait!!!!!!
Soo excited about the 2016 Spooking Season!!! Can't wait for everyone to come see the new location!!
Posted 09/15/2016
Posted 10/27/2015
Best of the best!!!
This haunted house is the scariest I have been to yet! My kids were scared and yes I admit I peed in the hallway. You won't be disappointed if you visit this one.
Posted 10/20/2015
This was one of the best haunts I have ever been to and I really enjoyed it!! Everyone was very professional and for an all live monster haunted house this one is by far one of the scariest ones around. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get scared!!
Posted 10/19/2015
This is by far the BEST haunted house!!! It was action packed all the way to the end. The guide was so cute and she knew what she was doing!! Freddy was crazy following me and that woman with the fake hand. Yale don't get near that crazy woman. Wow
Posted 10/18/2015

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