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The Carnival Of Terror is located in the underbelly of the HOLLYWOOD CANDY building in Omaha's historic Old Market district. This haunt is a true test of a person's nerve and bravery. When you enter the haunt you descend two levels under ground, who will make it out............ The haunt is also available for corporate and private parties with our own theater and eatery.

Website :
1209 Jackson St
Omaha, Nebraska, 68106

Contact Phone : 402-390-2388
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Carnival of Terror
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Not too bad
Me and my girls went there for free, it wasn't to bad we had fun out there. My girls got scared. The only thing is it was no carnival theam at all. Why were there hillbillies in there? Does not match with anything at all in the basement of a building. I think they should they should revamp the whole thing and keet it true the style of the old market, or the times of old omaha. They should utilize the surrounding environment of the building to help with the scar. I gave this 6 out of 10 cus I worked at haunted houses before for 20+ years So it's hard or get scared cus you know what to look for.
Posted 10/24/2016
When they say Carnival of terror that's what they mean
I'm 6'5 260 lbs and was literally scared shitless my girlfriend was so scared she fainted I highly recommend
Posted 10/14/2016
The actors were wicked
Posted 06/28/2016
Not prepared for people (which should have been a sign), didn't jump at you, followed us through the majority of the house, didn't scare, literally conversated with us. Terrible and way overpriced for the boredom I received.
Posted 11/01/2015
This place is absolutely terrible. I visited this place and iit was awful and FAR from scary. Also, the absolute idiot clowns thought it would be a great idea to run up to us and our kids while we were walking past, scream at them and try to pick up our DOG and threaten to throw it onto the street. Please close your doors and don't open them next year. You're a joke.
Posted 10/31/2015
Honestly my baby sister saying boo is more scary than this joke of a haunted house. The guy in the intro of the house has like Alzheimers, he forgot his lines, and made it look like a joke. My brother with downs scares me more at night. My Aunt Shawnda's two front teeth are more terrifying than the clowns in that place.
Posted 10/30/2015
My buddy Jason died.
I went to the haunted house with my buddy Jason and he fucking died. Too scared to sue.
Posted 10/22/2015
This has got to be the BIGGEST joke for a haunted house I have ever seen. My grandmother use to make a haunted house in her yard for trick-or-treaters, and that was better than Carnival Of Terror. The makeup is really bad. The costumes are really bad. There was a clown with blue hair that kept breathing on me, and his breath was so bad I honestly almost vomited. I asked him to step away because his breath was making me sick, and he made a snide remark and continued to try and make me vomit. The rooms were soooo poorly put together that I felt like I was in the Halloween Isle of Goodwill. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
Posted 10/22/2015
Glad I Got a Groupon
I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price for this. Not scary. The "intro" actor forgot his lines and the scares were terrible, no originality, no cohesive theme. Wasted potential.
Posted 10/20/2015
Just kind of plain and boring. Not enough actors and actresses.
Posted 10/16/2015

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