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The Forest of Fear, located in, Tuxedo Park, NY, has been Rated the SCARIEST Haunted attraction in the entire state! Now FIVE haunted attractions for one admission price!

Website :
600Route 17A
Tuxedo Park, New York, 10987

Contact Phone : (845) 351-5171
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The all-new, all-terrifying Forest of Fear — rated New York’s #1 Scariest Haunted Attraction — now offers FIVE harrowing haunts for one admission price! Start at Uncle Jimmies where it’s always BYOB: Bring Your own Body! Face the Teutonic Terrors of Das Kamp before you stumble into the meat grinder we call Blind Panic! The party really comes to life in Mourningwood Cemetary where death is more of a guideline than a rule! Good news! You’re almost safe. That is, if you can make it through the completely re-imagined Slaughterhouse! Did we mention the aliens? You should probably ignore the aliens, and perhaps they’ll ignore you, too. Make it a night to dismember! Browse for gifts in our mini Chopping Maul. Enjoy free classic horror movies! See for tickets. Not recommended for children under 12.


TIMES TICKETING NOW AVAILABLE!!! Fri - $25 Sat - $30 Sun - $25

Fri - $25 Sat - $30 Sun - $25


October 9 - November 1 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights, October 9 thru November 1, 2015 Fridays: 7pm until 12am $25 Saturdays: 7pm until 1am $30 Sundays: 7pm until 11pm $20

Discounted Tickets at

The Forest of Fear
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9.7 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming
9.8 Skulls
Special FX
9.8 Skulls
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TIMES TICKETING NOW AVAILABLE!!! Fri - $25 Sat - $30 Sun - $25


Fri - $25 Sat - $30 Sun - $25
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Best Scary Fun
The actors are scary & funny. The most elaborate & realistic makeup ever. Its amazing the time that must go into the Haunted House amazes me. The Burgers & thevhot Apple Cider n hot donuts are great as are the vendors. Visit Sales from the Crypt for scary gifts!
Posted 09/09/2016
Always something new
This haunt has come a long way and always trying to up its scare factor. A must seefor true haunt freaks
Posted 02/17/2016
They had FIVE when we went
They totally revamped EVERYTHING! We go every year and 2015 was freaking awesome! They start off in the parking lot with decorations and stuff, all the way down to the haunted houses is cool. The bridge creature is freaky as hell. new vendors this year and this giant halloween cat you go into. THen you go through all the haunts and it takes about an hour or whatever. Uncle Jimmy's was great, the military camp, the medical place and the cemetery are one right after the other, then the big house. Really worth it but go on Friday or Sunday, Saturday was packed.
Posted 02/16/2016
Best I've ever been to
I went with a group and have gone every year for the past 4. Nothing is ever the same! I think that is what makes this the best by far. The line was insanely long but we thought it was so worth the wait. And the donut vendor didn't hurt either!! Also, the tarot reader, completely creeped me out with her accuracy!! Can't wait to go back!!
Posted 02/16/2016
Always a blast
I've been going to Forest of Fear for years. This year the added 3 new haunted houses. I watched my friends get knives thrown at them. Can't wait till they are open again!!! Great place!!
Posted 02/16/2016
Nice Place! it gets better!
We went this past October. It is a lot of fun and lately its been changing big time every year. I think it may finally be getting good again! This year things are a little different. Theirs a main area where vendors and food are. Even knife throwers that will throw the knives at you... well near you. The entire house set up is different, It seemed like their were 5 or 6 different 'houses' or attractions. This place has always been top notch with detail. i would rate detail 10 out of 10 normally. Always is. You basically get on line, and go from house to house, you are on sort of a cattle run cue line type of thing, an actor infront of each section breaks up groups gives you a run down/performance and then lets you in. The new houses were really cool, except for the grave yard, it looks like they didnt have enough time and threw it together kind of quick. But other than that this place was awesome, Actors are great, and all over the place. I will definitely be going back this next year
Posted 02/16/2016
Forest of Fear was exactly what they say.
A group of us friends went on a Sat night. It only took about 20 min. to get in. It was great from start to end. There were even ghouls haunting on the path from the parking lot. It was a great time.Really creepy and scary. We all liked the new set up too. So worth the time. Best scare I've ever been to.
Posted 02/16/2016
Good value, better performances
It's a smaller show, heavy on live actors over smoke and mirrors. For the price you get three walks through all five houses. Vendors show up, and there's even a knife throwing show.
Posted 02/16/2016
Me and my girlfriend went to so many other sites but for the price of an arm and a leg! But all around forest of fear is probably the best place to get your money's worth. The rooms haves so much detail! My favorite place was in the psycho hillbilly maze, and my girlfriends was the slaughter house, where she made friends with Santa! Lol amazing way to spend a fall night all around
Posted 02/16/2016
best actor driven haunt i have been to
I have been to alot of haunted houses even some of the biggest around the country. The foret of fear is a bit different that it relys on actors and they seem to be really top notch. probally has to do with their association with the Ren faire they are on the grounds with which is one of the biggest in the country. will definately be going back
Posted 02/16/2016

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